Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Addicted to Plastic

I have just found this amazing documentary called Addicted to Plastic, about a chap who realises he is - like the rest of us - addicted to plastic. The documentary is the culmination of his three year journey around the world looking at all things plastic and their impact.

You can see a quick trailer on YouTube, or watch the whole kaboodle online for free, care of The Documentary Log.

Or you can read an interview with the man himself, Ian Connancher at PSFK.

Go and make a cup of tea (black to avoid the plastic milk bottle), select that foil-wrapped choclate bar from your cupboard, settle down, and watch it now!

1 comment:

  1. An interesting and new way of looking at it. Instead of plastic being a product we have created that we can pick up and put down at will, plastic has taken on a life of its own and infiltrated our lives to the point that we struggle to live without it. What might be the withdrawl pains if we sought to eradicate it from our lives altogether?