Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hevva! Hevva!

'In, out, in out, shake it all about; you do the hokey kokey, and you turn around... that's what it's all about." At least, that's how its seemed to me lately. Come Wednesday I will have moved house three times in five months: to the parents, to a house-share (complete with falling down the stairs and tearing ligaments in my foot), and now back to the parents again. Can I get back to my normal life now please?

But, after a winter of little activity (other than endless packing, unpacking and deliberation over whether or not I really need this book as well as all the others), I am very excited to be part of an art exhibition at the Eden Project this Easter. I never thought of myself as an artist before, but attending SHORTCOURSE/UK Cornwall last year gave me such a brilliant immersion experience that it's completely changed my world view. The exhibition is called Hevva! Hevva! and is running 2nd to 12th April in collaboration with Cape Farewell and Eden's Bi-ot'ik programme.

If you're in the area, check it out! The other artists who are contributing are all environmentally minded and have beautiful, thoughtful work. It should be a great exhibition.

As far as plastic is concerned, I'm hoping to show my plastic patchwork - made from Quality Street wrappers that I collected over Christmas (with a little help from my parents!). I say 'hoping' because at this particular point in time I have no idea how my first attempt at 'art' will compare to that of my fellow students'...

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