Sunday, 16 January 2011

On Absences

Reasons for the recent complete lack of blogging…

1. I am a Christmas humbug. Actually, that’s not true, I love Christmas, but I hate what retail and working in retail does to Christmas. It’s blimmin’ hard work, it makes me grumpy, and it’s hard to think about much outside of it.

2. In order to try and hold true to my earlier resolve to achieve a less plastic Christmas this year, most of my December evenings and days off were dedicated to hand-making a selection of Christmas gifts.

3. One poorly sick cat who, after falling off the sofa one evening in the middle of December because she couldn’t breathe, spent a week at the kitten hospital being prodded and poked to try and find out what was wrong with her. And as Bron and I have no human children, the Dora-cat is our baby, so we were a bit upset.

4. The problem with working full time whilst studying for an MA, trying to change your lifestyle, and trying to write a book about it, is that when you stop for what is ostensibly going to be just a couple of weeks, it’s really hard to get started again. And once you let one little bit of plastic in because you’re tired and stressed and upset about your cat, a lot more tends to follow, so I’ve been feeling a bit shameful about my efforts (or lack thereof) of late.

But… with my MA deadline looming (less than two weeks to submit the first six chapters of my book – aaarrghhh!) I am back in the saddle and ready to go. So watch this space, and I’ll try to be a bit prompter and more reliable in the coming weeks.

P.S. Praise be to pet insurance. It is sooo worth it.

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