Friday, 25 February 2011

Thanks M&S

This is what dreams are made of. Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding. Mmmm.

Thank you Marks & Spencer for:
1. Sending me £3 worth of vouchers for me to go and treat myself.
2. Making Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding in the first place.
3. Packaging it so nicely and packaging it so simply. Cardboard box and a foil tray.

It can be done! Look, Marks & Spencer have done it. Packaging with no plastic. And the food survived! I would say it’s like some kind of miracle, except for the part where it’s not. If there’s a miracle involved here at all, it’s only in the fact that plastic-free packaging for a rich and sticky pudding has been attempted. I applaud you, M&S. But maybe now you could try applying this basic principle to the rest of your range? The hot chocolate fudge pudding was, unfortunately, the only plastic-free pudding I could find anywhere in your store…

More please.

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